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collagène marin en poudre non aromatisé 10g naticol type I III peptides hydrolysés novoma
Collagène Marin en Poudre non aromatisé

Collagène Marin en Poudre

Qualité Naticol®

Dès 29,90€

vitamin d3 2000 IU novoma
Vitamin D3 vegetable & micro-encapsulated

Vitamin D3



optimsm msm powder novoma
OptiMSM powder 100% methysulfonylmethane

OptiMSM® Powder

Organic sulphur


Paracelsus Complex with Bamboo, Horsetail & Vitamins
Novoma Paracelsus Complex 120 capsules

Paracelse Complex

Concentrated in silica and vitamins

From 44,90€onwards

Whether you are active, senior or a sportsman or woman, joint pain (most often linked to inflammation or arthrosis) is a daily handicap.

Discover our selection of joint food supplements to prevent and relieve joint discomfort while promoting good bone health.

Why take a dietary supplement for the joints?

Contrary to popular belief, your bones and your Joint health are put to the test on a daily basis throughout your life. Whether it is due to cellular aging that weakens them over time or to the practice of a physical activity that actively solicits them, it is essential to take care of them, at any age, including when you are young, in order to preserve them for as long as possible and avoid suffering from painful joints.

First of all, a varied diet that provides nutrients (such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids or fatty acids) that your body needs. There are many other tips for taking care of your joints that we list hereThese include good posture, proper exercise, etc.

For optimal intakes, it may be necessary to take an additional food supplement for the joints that will help support the bone health and promote the joint comfort.

From osteoarthritis to arthritis, the joint pains can vary from low intensity to very intense, and quickly take over your life comfort to become really disabling. To allow you to fill up on essential vitamins and minerals and thus preserve the good your bone healthIn order to help the joints, we offer a selection of food supplements for the joints, in the form of capsules or powder.

What are the best food supplements for joint pain?

Joint pain can occur at any time of the day and can turn your daily life into hell if you don't find an effective remedy quickly. Vitamin D3, MSM, Paracelsus Complex... Discover our range of food supplements for joints.

Vitamin D3

The Vitamin D is a true pillar of the flexibility and joint mobility. This excellent food supplement for joints plays an essential role in the bone healths, the muscles and teeth. In addition, it helps the body to absorb and bind calcium, thus reducing the risk of fracture.

Today, it is estimated that 80% of French people are deficient in vitamin DThis deficiency can lead to bone and muscle pain and immune weakness. In the long term, this deficiency can even increase the risk of muscle and ligament damage, fractures and the development of osteoporosis. If you want to fill up on vitamin D, we suggest Vitamin D3 dosed at 2000 IU, of vegetable origin, natural and bioavailable (i.e. very assimilable by the body).


MSM, or methyl-sulfonyl-methane, is naturally concentrated in organic sulfur. Thanks to its composition and its properties anti-inflammatoriesMSM helps fight joint pain and maintain the integrity of connective tissue. It is therefore an excellent dietary supplement for joints, ideal for relieving pain related to osteoarthritis. We offer it in the patented form ofOptiMSM powder. Ultra pure, free of impurities, odorless and hypoallergenic, our MSM powder is rich in bioavailable sulfur. Osteoarthritis being one of the main indications of a supplementation in MSMWe recommend it in cases of proven osteoarthritis.

The Paracelsus Complex

Finally, here is another dietary supplement for joints of choice: the Paracelse Complex. It is a unique formula composed of 12 active ingredients, including horsetail and bamboo shoot, two natural sources of dietary supplement for joints of choice: the silica (silicon) a trace element that makes up our joints. Made in France and vegan, the Paracelse Complex helps fight against joint pain, in addition to promoting immunity and vitality.

Our 3 food supplements for the joints are formulated to suit everyone (seniors, athletes, active people...) and to respond to all problems. It's up to you to choose the supplement best suited to your needs.

Choose the right joint food supplement!

Don't let your joint pain become your worst nightmare. Take action to keep your joints comfortable, even as a preventative measure. Choose the joint supplement that's right for you and see how it affects your overall well-being day after day. Of course, always remember to adopt a healthy lifestyle and practice regular physical activity.

To learn more about the active ingredients present in our selection of food supplements for joints, please consult our section ingredients as well as our blog.

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