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Spirulina Bio Novoma 500 tablets 500 mg
Cold-dried Novoma organic Spirulina

Organic Spirulina

100% pure and natural


Novoma Probio Formula food supplement
Probio formula with lactic ferments

Probio Formula

Digestion and transit


  • NEW
Lysine Novoma
Lysine acide aminé essentiel Novoma


Forme L hautement assimilable


Slow digestion, bloating, stomach ache... these ailments generally occur after overeating. To relieve your digestive system of these disorders, it is necessary to eliminate toxins with a detox treatment.

Discover our selection of food supplements to better digest and detoxify your body.

Why take a food supplement for digestion?

During our lives, our body can be subject to many digestive problems (dyspepsia) that affect thestomachthe transit or the intestines bloating, constipation, intestinal gas, diarrhea.... These problems can be caused by stress, an unbalanced diet (e.g. heavy meals), consumption of soft drinks or alcohol abuse.

The digestive disordersThese problems, whatever they may be, can be really painful and disabling on a daily basis. Unfortunately, these problems can also increase at certain times of life such as during pregnancy or menopause and create persistent inflammation. To prevent digestive disorders, it is therefore beneficial to promote digestion naturally by following a few tips that we suggest in our article on probiotic treatment. As you can imagine, to facilitate digestion and transit, taking a food supplement for digestion can be a great thing!

What are the best food supplements for digestion?

For facilitate your digestion and your transit On a daily basis, our range of food supplements for digestion is based on two products: the Probio Formula and Organic Spirulina.

The Probio Formula

Our little darling of the range of food supplements for digestion: the Probio Formula. It is simply the perfect ally for your intestinal problems (diarrhea, constipation, and even irritable bowel syndrome), whether they occur occasionally following a period of infection, stress, or during pregnancy, or regularly).

The Probio Formula is composed of 6 strains of probioticsThese are living micro-organisms already naturally present in our microbiota and digestive system. These good bacteria that will rebalance your microbiota if it is in a state of dysbiosis, i.e. in imbalance with respect to the good and bad bacteria present in your body.

Our patented SynBalance® strains are dosed at 60 billion CFU (Colony Forming Units) and are encapsulated in gastro-resistant capsules to protect the micro-organisms during their passage through your stomach. The Probio Formula acts directly on your intestinal flora to help you to better digestto reinforce on your intestinal barrier to prevent infection and protect your intestinal immune system. Our probiotic supplement also facilitates the transit.


A key element in our range of food supplements for digestion, the Spirulina bio has many benefits. What interests us the most with this cyanobacteria is that it has an action antioxidant and detoxifying for our body. Our food supplement of Organic Spirulina acts effectively on the intestinal flora to offer you an optimal comfort and ensure the good functioning of your digestive system. Its detox side also participates in eliminate heavy metalsIt also helps to naturally fill nutritional gaps thanks to its richness in vegetable proteins, minerals and vitamins. And promoting the elimination of toxins of the body, our Organic Spirulina will therefore be an excellent ally to start a detox cure !

Choose the right digestive food supplement!

Even if it reminds you of the slogan of some ads, put it into practice and "say stop" to bloating and intestinal problems (diarrhea, constipation). If our intestine is considered our "second brain", it is not for nothing. It and the brain communicate closely, which is why your emotional states have an impact on your intestine, and vice versa. So focus on your well-being and rebalance your microbiota naturally with our selection of the best food supplements for digestion.

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