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vitamin d3 2000 IU novoma
Vitamin D3 vegetable & micro-encapsulated

Vitamin D3



zinc bisglycinate novoma
Food supplement for immunity, skin and hair

Zinc Bisglycinate

Bioavailable form


  • Save 10% off
Coffret Immunité & Tonus
Coffret Immunité & Tonus

Coffret Immunité & Tonus

Vitamine C Liposomale + Magnésium

43,92€ 48,80€

Spirulina Bio Novoma 500 tablets 500 mg
Cold-dried Novoma organic Spirulina

Organic Spirulina

100% pure and natural


In the spotlight

Iron Bisglycinate

multivitamins novoma vitamins minerals plants
Multivitamins by Novoma complete formula with 29 active ingredients


29 premium ingredients


Iron bisglycinate
Novoma Iron Bisglycinate for optimal assimilation

Ferrochel® Iron Bisglycinate

Patented vitamin C


vitamin c liposomal novoma
Liposomal vitamin C in capsules

Liposomal vitamin C (capsules)

Optimal assimilation


vitamin b12 novoma
Vitamin B12 for energy and the nervous system

Vitamin B12

Active and bioavailable


Best seller

Liposomal vitamin C

Liposomal vitamin C (liquid)

Quali®-C Vitamin C

Optimal assimilation

Reduces tiredness & fatigue

2 months supply

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vitamin c powder ascorbic acid Novoma
Vitamin C food supplement in powder form

Vitamin C powder

L-Ascorbic acid

From 23,90€onwards

acerola bio novoma 1000 mg rich in natural vitamin C
acérola de Novoma

Acerola Organic

Natural vitamin C

From 12,90€ onwards

vitamin c liposomal liquid Quali-C Novoma
Liquid liposomal vitamin C for immunity, tone and vitality

Liposomal vitamin C (liquid)

Powerful dosage


vitamin c quali-c 1000 mg novoma
Novoma Vitamin C Capsules

Quali®-C Vitamin C

Patented vitamin C


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The immune system protects the body from external aggression. Throughout the year, but especially during seasonal changes, the immune system can be put to the test, which can lead to a drop in fitness.

Discover our selection of food supplements for immunity and maintain your natural defences.

Decreased immunity, infection... why take an immunity food supplement?

Do you have a cold that doesn't go away, do you get sick frequently, do you feel tired all the time, or do you suffer from abdominal pain? These ailments may be the first signs of a weakened immune system that is no longer functioning optimally.

To get through the change of season with peace of mind, to protect yourself against viruses and infections, to cope with periods of stress and simply be healthierit is important to strengthen your immunity in order to maintain tough antibodies, which are essential to support the body's defenses.

As you know, your immune system protects you on a daily basis against infections, diseases and external aggressions, which is why it is essential to protect it and keep it in shape. Some tips can help you to strengthen your immune system such as ensuring a balanced diet for fill the gapsget enough sleep to fight against lack of sleepphysical activity to stay tonedescape from the sources of stress... In addition to these good practices, your organization may also need a little help to strengthen your natural defenses.

That is why, at Novoma, we have developed a complete range of food supplements for immunity to boost your immune system and help you live a healthy life. Our products will help you supplement your intake of vitaminsin minerals and in trace elementsThese supplements are essential to the proper functioning of your body. Each immunity food supplement can be taken on a one-time basis in case of a drop in immune defenses or on a regular basis to anticipate possible periods of weakening.

What are the best food supplements for the immune system?

Your immune system is your body's shield against viruses: it is essential to keep it healthy. That's why our range of food supplements for immunity includes a variety of formulas rich in vitamins and other essential nutrients: vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B12, zinc, iron or spirulina... you have the choice!

Vitamin C

The Vitamin Cwhich is available in different formats (powder, capsule, natural and liposomal), is a food supplement for the immunity of first choice. Ideal to reinforce your natural defensesIt also helps to fight fatigue and to fight against the oxidative stress. Beyond boosting immunityIt is therefore particularly effective in promoting tone and vitality.

Vitamin D3

The Vitamin D3also called "sunshine vitamin", is the vitamin that we generally lack all winter. It is a food complement immunity particularly essential during the winter. Real defender of our bodyIt also contributes to the proper functioning of our bones and muscles.

Vitamin B12

The last vitamin in this line of dietary supplements for immunity is Vitamin B12which also helps to support and strengthen the immune system while participating in the production of energy! Proposed in its bioactive and natural form, the vitamin B12 cure is very interesting for vegetarians and vegans.


The Organic SpirulinaSpirulina, appreciated for its extraordinary nutritional richness, is an excellent food supplement for immunity. Recognized in 1970 by the UN as the best food of the future, spirulina is a natural concentrate of phycocyanineof vitaminsof minerals and amino acids. Among its many benefits, it fills nutrient deficiencies and helps restore energy while maintaining natural defenses.

Trace elements: iron and zinc

The trace elements present in this range of food supplements for the immune system are iron and zinc, both present in their chelated form, highly assimilable: the form bisglycinate.

The Iron Bisglycinate is essential to our good health. In addition to contributing to the proper functioning of the immune systemIt reduces fatigue and participates in the formation of red blood cells.

The Zinc Bisglycinate which, like iron, contributes to a good immunity, promotes the beauty of the skin and hair.

The Multivitamin

Finally, our special range of food supplements for immunity also includes a complex Multivitamins. Rich in vitamins, minerals and plant extracts, it is specifically dosed to meet the various nutritional needs of the body while promoting immunity, reducing fatigue and stress as well as maintaining cardiac and mental functions... In short, it is the undeniable ally of your well-being!

Support your natural defenses with the right immunity food supplement!

If you are experiencing symptoms that suggest a decline in immunity, our range of dietary supplements for the immune system is here to help. Don't forget to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which will always benefit you in the short and long term.

Our range of food supplements to boost your immune system is designed to meet your needs in the most effective and healthy way. If you have a question, contact our customer service at the following email address:, or by phone at

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