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Zinc Bisglycinate

Bioavailable form



Marine Collagen

Skin, nails and hair


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Marine Collagen Powder

Naticol® Quality

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Beauty Bundle

Collagen + Hyaluronic Acid

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OptiMSM® MSM Powder

Organic sulphur


Sun Formula

Synergy of 7 active ingredients


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Hyaluronic acid

Skin, nails, hair


Organic Spirulina

100% pure and natural


Seasonal changes, stress and fatigue can affect the health of your skin, nails and hair.

Discover our selection of food supplement for the skin to take care of yourself, quickly and naturally.

Why take a dietary supplement for the skin?

The skin, nails and hair can be subjected to many external aggressions. They can be victims of stress, your environment, seasonal changes, fatigue or hormonal disorders, etc. All these situations can explain brittle nails, hair loss, pale complexion, dry skin or skin problems (skin blemishes, premature aging, dry skin ...).

It can also come from an unbalanced diet or a lack of vitamins, minerals, trace elements or fatty acids. That's right! The way you feed your body is reflected on the outside. To have a luminous complexionFor healthy hair and impeccable nails, it's not necessarily enough to spread all kinds of creams or change shampoos every week. Of course, certain practices are still necessary to have a beautiful skin and a resplendent head of hair like moisturizing regularly, cleaning your face properly, using a good exfoliator, getting enough sleep... but nutrition remains essential.

In addition, filling up on nutrients by taking a food supplement for the skin can be beneficial for visible results. To promote your natural beauty, discover our selection of food supplements for skin, hair and nails.

What are the best beauty supplements?

Our range of beauty food supplements has been specially designed to take care of your skin, hair and nails. Our products such as Marine Collagen, Spirulina, Zinc, MSM or the Sun Formula will each act on different levels: by promoting the collagen productionby protecting your cells against the oxidative stressby ensuring optimal protein synthesis or simply by providing all the good nutrients your skin, hair and nails need!

Here are the best food supplements for the skin and hair :

Marine Collagen

Among the selection, you will find first of all our Marine Collagen. It is a unique and complete beauty formula based onmarine collagen hydrolysate, d'hyaluronic acidof biotin, zinc, vitamin C and vitamin E. Why this association? Collagen is an essential protein of the body which, under the effect of ageing, is less synthesized by the body. Hence this first very important active ingredient! Its benefits are numerous on the skin, hair and nails. Marine collagen associated with hyaluronic acid, another flagship element of beauty products because of its anti-aging properties, is the ideal combination for perfect skin. The addition of the biotin (also known as vitamin B8) is an important ally for hair beauty and also helps prevent hair loss. The whole well dosed, for a quality food supplement. Thus, Marine Collagen promotes theskin hydrationreduces imperfections (acne, pimples...), fights against wrinkles and fine linespromotes the hair growthrevitalizes your hair and strengthens your nails!


The Organic Spirulina 100% pure and natural is also an excellent food supplement for beauty. Cultivated in India and processed in France, our cold-dried Spirulina comes in easy-to-eat tablet form. In addition to being a very good detoxifying element for the body, this superfood rich in minerals, vitamins and plant proteins promotes the beauty of nails, hair and skin. Its antioxidant properties revive the radiance, the firmness and theskin elasticity. It also helps promote tanning and support nail and hair growth.


The Zinc Bisglycinate is a trace element which also boasts numerous benefits for skin and hair. First and foremost, zinc works wonders on the skin. Recognized for its acne-fighting properties, it helps to regenerate skin cells, promote healing, regulate sebum and provide proteins for skin vitality. It is also very useful for the hair, protecting it from falling out, developing hair mass and accelerating hair growth. For a healthy skin and hairzinc is for you.


The MSM, which we propose as aOptiMSM powderIt is not the best known food supplement for the skin. However, it proves to be a very good beauty food supplement. Naturally rich in bioavailable sulfur, it contributes to the formation of keratin, collagen and elastin and is therefore a valuable ally for the skin, hair and nails.

The Sunshine Formula

Finally, if your goal is toto have a successful tanOur Sun Formula is the essential dietary supplement for the skin before leaving on vacation! In addition to preparing your skin for the sun thanks to the powerful antioxidants (such as lycopene, which counteracts the action of the sun's rays). free radicals), the Sun Formula helps activate, enhance and prolong your tan. Perfect for a beautiful complexion all summer long! In addition, the vitamin E and copper that our complex contains fight against skin aging. An excellent beauty ally we told you!

As you can see, these 5 products from the skin supplement line are rich in active ingredients with proven effects on beauty. It's up to you to choose the beauty routine best suited to your needs! 

Choose the right food supplement for your skin and get a natural beauty!

Your body shouldn't take a back seat! No more skin problems, dry skin or hair loss. Choose your new routine and discover day after day the effects of our food supplements for skin, hair and nails. And don't forget: always remember to follow a healthy lifestyle and eat a varied and balanced diet in order to maximize the results on your body.

If you hesitate among our complements, you should know that we put at your disposal a Online diagnosis in order to guide you to the beauty food supplement best suited to your needs.

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