About us

Our story

Let us explain how it all started.

At the beginning, we were simply fed up with expensive and poor quality dietary supplements.
Without neglecting a healthy and varied diet, we are convinced that food supplements are essential to improve our quality of life.

However, before founding Novoma (formerly Nutrivita), we were astonished to see products on the market that were too often incorrectly dosed to be truly effective, formulated with controversial additives and offering no guarantee of transparency.

This observation motivated us to want to change things.
So in 2012 we set out to develop our own range of food supplements.

Supplements based on vitamins, minerals and plant extracts to meet a multitude of needs, always with one objective: to help you feel your best, every day.

Effective, innovative supplements, formulated with the best active ingredients and dosed in accordance with the body's physiological needs.

Supplements using the most suitable galenic forms (powder, capsule, liquid).

And always at the right price.

Finally, supplements you can trust.
Alexandre & Lucas, the co-founders
Originally from the Gers, we are both passionate about micronutrition.

Our adventure began with vitamin C, THE star of vitamins. Why do you ask? It's simple: essential to our health, it is for us the pillar of any food supplement cure.

Over the years, many things have changed: our team, our range and our website. But if there is one thing that has not changed, it is our initial commitment: not to compromise on quality.
Quality & transparency