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10 years, 120 months, 3650 days looking for the best formulas for your well-being.

What if we took the opportunity to take stock?
Since 2012, the adventure keeps taking new turns.
10 years ago, we were two people, full of ideas and ambition. We wanted to bring a breath of fresh air into the (somewhat aging) world of nutraceuticals. And that, with effective, healthy and well dosed food supplements, proposed at affordable prices.

The quest for well-being at the right price was our ultimate goal.

Challenge launched! It is after many researches, hours without sleep (the Boost Formula would have helped us a lot at the time), tests and encouragements of our families that the story started with the unavoidable Vitamin C. We knew its benefits and its importance for our health, that's why we chose it as our first product. It was the powder format that was born first, and you know the ones that followed... No wonder it has a special place in our hearts, you might say... Even if of course, with our products, it's like with children: there are no favorites, we love them all the same!

Since then we have grown, (slept), set up our offices in Toulouse and expanded our range as well as our team. To illustrate this with some figures :

+ From 2, we have grown to 12 people in the Novoma Team (not counting all those who work to produce our supplements and ship your packages)!
+ 4 Toulousan accents and 1 northern ch'ti accent
+ 23 products in our range (and many more to come...)
+ 4 partner laboratories
+ 260 points of sale (in pharmacies and specialized stores)
+ 200 naturopathic partners
+ 3 relocations
and finally + 60 000 customers ❤️

Of course, not everything has been all rosy unlike our city.

As in any business life, trials and failures have come and gone. But your trust and your numerous feedbacks have always allowed us to keep our motivation intact, as well as our requirement and our values, in order to move forward in the right direction.

In short, Novoma's history is built day by day thanks to the quality and efficiency of our products, but especially thanks to you.

So if we had to summarize everything, the first word we would say is: thank you!
What's next?
Et maintenant, pour les 10 ans à venir, on souhaite que notre dévouement reste le même. À savoir : faire de notre mieux pour vous aider à vivre mieux. Cela se traduira par :
Even more innovative formulas
An increased presence in pharmacies
Progress in eco-responsibility
A team always listening to your needs
What about your presence with us? ❤️
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Any opinions, suggestions? 💬
D'ici là, si vous avez des retours à nous faire, des suggestions de nouveaux produits, ou des mots d'amour à nous envoyer 💌, nous sommes à votre écoute !

N'hésitez pas à nous écrire à hello@novoma.com avec en objet "Vos 10 ans".

Nous serons ravis de vous lire !

Prenez soin de vous,
L'équipe Novoma